Cristina Ferrás
Chromosome Instability & Dynamics
Assistant Researcher
Cristina Ferrás graduated in Biology from the Univ. of Aveiro in 2001. During the last year of the Biology degree she was awarded with a grant to do a 6 months research project with Prof. JM Drezen at IRBI, Univ. François Rabelais (France). She was then invited to join the Genetics Department of the Faculty of Medicine Univ. of Porto (FMUP), where in 2001 she conducted her PhD on the molecular mechanism involved in meiotic arrest during human spermatogenesis with an FCT grant. During her PhD studies, she did internships in Portuguese labs (IPO, IPATIMUP, Physiology and Histology Departments at FMUP and abroad at the Karolinska Institute (Sweden) and at LUMC (the Netherlands). She obtained her PhD in 2007. Cristina then did a postdoctoral research in the lab of Prof. N. de Wind at LUMC in collaboration with Prof. R. Seruca at IPATIMUP to study DNA damage responses, a subject unrelated to her PhD. This was supported with a FCT postdoctoral grant. At the end of 2010 she was invited to join the lab of Prof. H. Maiato at IBMC, under the scope of a prestigious Human Frontier Program Grant to study the role of spindle matrix proteins in the spatiotemporal control of mitosis. In 2012 she got a career development fellowship at IBMC, aiming at a transition into full independence with work related with the role of transcription during mitosis. At the moment Cristina has a FCT investigator starting grant. She has published 12 papers in peer-reviewed journals, 8 as first author. Cristinas work was selected for oral presentation in 11 international meetings and she has been awarded with 3 international prizes: 2 best oral communications and 1 best poster. She organized practical courses (the Netherlands) and an international Workshop on DNA Repair (Italy). Lately she has being engaged in the annual courses for the GABBA PhD program. She has also been involved in teaching master and PhD classes, both in Portugal and in the Netherlands. She has supervised several undergraduate, master and PhD students.

Selected Publications