Technology Transfer and Programmes Unit

The aim of the Unit is to support researchers in generating value from the activities developed at i3S.


The commitment: To engage with researchers to transfer the knowledge developed at i3S to society, involving relevant stakeholders in its valorisation and exploitation into high-standard products, services and tailor-made projects that fulfil clinical and healthcare needs.

Lines of action:
• Ensure the protection of relevant IP and its valorisation routes
• Foster and support innovation and entrepreneurship
• Align unmet clinical needs with i3S’s capacities and expertise
• Provide support to clinical and translational R&D projects
• Promote industry/academia R&D cooperative strategies.



The commitment: To engage with researchers in order to increase the capacity to attract funding for research activities, providing support to the i3S research lines in the management of their projects, from pre-award to grant management, encouraging the valorization of the knowledge and competences developed at the institute.

Lines of action:
• Provide information on funding programmes, matching funding to researcher profiles
• Support researchers in the process of application to competitive calls launched by national and international funding programmes
• Foster fruitful contacts with relevant funding bodies, in particular with the European Commission, as well as with similar offices from other institutions
• Provide support to PIs in the management of grants secured.


The TTPU will work in close collaboration with researchers to maximize the valorisation and translation of knowledge at i3S by: (i) mapping the existing knowledge, technology and competences (ii) ensuring the identification and implementation of the best route for its valorisation; (iii) fostering innovation and entrepreneurship in the I3S research community.



The actions defined in the operational model will be assigned according to the expertise of the members of the Technology Transfer and Programmes Unit team.
To facilitate the initial contact by i3S researchers the following contact points were established. When approaching the TTPU, researchers should primarily contact the members listed who will ensure the most proficient team members are enrolled and the highest level of support is provided.


• Entrepreneurship: (for general enquires please contact Hugo Prazeres)
- Entrepreneurship & spin-offs: please contact Hugo Prazeres & Margarida Rossi (;
- Innovation awards please contact Hugo Prazeres and João Cortez (;

• Partnerships with Industry: (for general enquires please contact André Albergaria) - Contract research: André Albergaria & Jorge Lima (; - Competitive projects in co-promotion: please contact Hugo Prazeres & João Cortez (; - International Networks & Platforms: please contact Jorge Lima & André Albergaria (;

• IP Management: please contact Hugo Prazeres & Margarida Rossi (;

• External Technological Services: please contact Margarida Rossi (


• Research Funding Programmes (for general enquires please contact João Cortez)
- Portugal 2020: please contact Isabel Menezes & João Cortez (
- Horizon 2020: please contact João Cortez & Catarina Carona (;
- Other national and international projects: please contact Catarina Carona & João Cortez  (;

• Dissemination of funding opportunities: please contact Catarina Carona (