Events Management Unit

The Events Management Unit (EMU) is devoted to the organization, planning, coordinating and managing of formal and informal, internal and external events, such as conferences, symposia, seminars, congresses, courses. All events should be designed and managed according to the institution’s identity, strategy and policies, in order to achieve a cohesive and coherent institutional image. The EMU mission is also the development of Public Relations Protocol, such as receiving a guest or an invited speaker. EMU has an important role in the construction of a first positive institutional image, through the promotion of the high quality of i3S competences and services.


Matos, Rita (Technical Coordinator) | Barbosa, Mário (Member of the Executive Board in charge) | Lima, Natália | Barbosa, Bárbara | Azevedo, Lígia

Health Safety and Quality Unit

The unit develops a transversal and integrated management in Health, Safety and Quality, in order to promote a culture of health, safety and quality in i3S activities and to enhance the i3S performance while remaining cost effective, increasing employee and client satisfaction, and facilitating continuous improvement.

Health & Safety areas aim at improving workplace health and safety programs, providing information, training, education, and in the management of biological, chemical, physical, radiological and environmental hazards, in such a way that all research and technical activities have the least possible impact to the people health. The aim of the Quality area is to implement a general Quality System promoting the simplification and systematization of activities. The assay’s quality controls, as well as the compliance of the metrological plan, are decisive factors regarding the use of all equipment.

The HSQ Unit integrates three Core Areas, each of them with a Coordinator and a Deputy Coordinator.

1. Health – Correia, Joana (;  Vale, Eliana (

a. Environmental Compliance (Ensuring all activities are designed and operated to minimize impact to the environment (air, chemical management and reporting, hazardous and solid wastes, oil and hazardous material management, stormwater and wastewater)).

b. Environmental Public Health (Technical expertise, resources, training and emergency response for food safety, drinking water quality, environmental control of communicable disease and pest control).

c. Environmental Project Support and Building Renovation (Management of environmental issues affecting renovations (Air Emission Sources; Hazardous Materials Management - PCBs, Lead Paint, Asbestos; Storm Water Management; Tank Management - e.g., removal and installation)).

2. Safety - Correia, Joana (

a. Emergency Planning and Response (Response to emergencies (hazardous materials incidents, accident investigations, and other health and safety issues) and development of emergency plans and procedures for a variety of hazards including fires, severe weather, infectious disease, etc.)

b. Occupational Safety (Management and compliance with regulations/procedures and training to ensure personnel safety.)

c. General Lab, Biological, Chemical and Radiation Safety (Management of biological, chemical, physical, and radiological hazards in laboratories by reducing hazards and risks.)

3. Quality - Vale, Eliana (

a. Quality System (Continuous implementation, improvement and consolidation of several tools that ensure the management and improvement of the Quality System.)

b. Assay’s Quality Control (To ensure the reproducibility of the assays and guarantee that its implementation and execution is carried out according to high standards in terms of rigor and reliability.)

c. Equipment Metrological Plan (To establish a plan of calibration and/or periodical verification of equipment.)



 Vale, Eliana | Correira, Joana (Technical Coordinators) | Sunkel, Claudio (Member of the Executive Board in charge)


Facilities Management and Maintenance Unit

This service provides support for the maintenance, repairs and alterations of any space of the building, as well as to ensure that all the general aspects including access, security, ventilation, electrical supply, water and ventilation are properly monitored and in working order. The service will also provide support the repair of equipment when possible but this needs to be discussed on an individual cases to determine whether they have competences to do it properly.


Silva, Carlos (Technical Coordinator) | Sunkel, Claudio (Member of the Executive Board in charge) | Cruz, Daniel | Gonçalves, Armando | Silva, Fábio

Lab Support Unit

The Lab Support Unit (LSU) provides support to all i3S laboratories and scientific platform. The team of this unit is composed by a total of eleven persons: two of them are dedicated to the washing and sterilization room and the other nine assure the support of the laboratories and scientific platforms.

The washing and sterilization room is equipped for the preparation and sterilization of all type of materials and solutions, namely: water purification apparatus, washing machines, autoclaves for sterilization of all type of materials and solutions and other support equipment, according to each research specific requirements.

The other nine members assure a diverse number of key tasks such as: collect the biological and chemical wastes, material to wash/sterilize and also distribute clean/sterilized material; take care of labcoats, clean specific equipment like biological safety cabinets, baths, incubators, etc, and also give differentiated support in several specific rooms such as cell culture rooms.


Vale, Eliana (Technical Coordinator) | Sunkel, Claudio (Member of the Executive Board in charge) 

a) Washing room

Teixeira, Alexandra | Sousa , Rui | Ferreira, Mª José

b) Laboratories and scientific platforms

Pereira, Olímpia | Pinho, Rosa | Mendes, Rosa | Aveiro, Susana | Magalhães, Telma | Formiga, Teresa |  Falcão, Mª João | Magalhães, Eduarda

Information Systems and Technology Unit

The activity scope of the Information Systems and Technology Unit (ISTU) is planning, developing, implementing, managing and supporting information systems and technology resources for all community, promoting its use and innovation.

The main activities are:

• study and analyse requirements that information systems should satisfy in order to support organizational goals

• define information systems architecture for responding to informational and functional needs

• develop or buy informational solutions for supporting the organizational activities

• assure applications integration, testing and user formation

• manage all network resources, promoting and developing internal and external connectivity

• assure good working conditions for software and hardware elaborate instructions of use for existing equipment's and software

• promote user formation in technology support research activities by carefully analysing every information and technological needs and promoting its new use of technology

• assure data security by defining policies of confidentiality, integrity and availability and identifying potential risks and solutions

• study, define and implement security rules for software use, network resources and data recovery

• execute decision support studies in order to develop and manage information systems and technological options

• ISTU main goal is to create conditions for promoting “information that

• matters at your finger tips”


Sousa, Rui (Technical Coordinator) | Sunkel, Claudio (Member of the Executive Board in charge)

Amaral, Wagner | Amorim, Bárbara | César, Marco | Fernandes, Marbelia | Magalhães, Gil | Martins, Pedro | Oliveira, Marco | Sousa, Margarida | Torres, André