Communication Unit

The Communication Unit of i3S (ComUnit-i3S) is strongly committed to building effective cooperation between science and society, to ensuring more responsible research and to enabling efficient health and science knowledge translation. Citizens are now getting easier access to biomedical information and its derivatives; such scenario is making translation of biomedical data into structured public health policies of disease prevention education and healthcare delivery a challenging societal change. For that reason, health and science communication is a pivotal research area of i3S, which acknowledges the need to address present and future health education challenges on science and society arena. The ComUnit-i3S team is implementing a comprehensive framework encompassing corporate identity management, media interaction and community outreach that is supported by a consistent R&D portfolio fostering innovative solutions on health and science communication. To further implement the i3S common strategy, all activities and projects requiring ComUnit-i3S support or collaboration should be discussed and have the accordance of the unit coordinators prior to submission.

COORDINATION: Borlido-Santos, Júlio and Santos-Silva, Filipe




A broad institutional communication program is in motion to promote i3S identity and to accelerate both internal and external (media) synergies aiming to position i3S as a leading international player in health, life sciences and technologies.



The science and health educational program (i3S-EDUC) has a strong focus on school communities and encompasses two major areas:

i3S-LEARNING - includes a portfolio of short-term initiatives and yearly projects with schools and associated partners (e.g. Science in Summer, OpenLab).

i3S-DISCOVER – manages all the visits programmed to the institute (i3S-Insider) and the visits/talks from i3S staff set in external sites (i3S-Ambassadors).



The FUTURING Program aims to develop innovative and advanced solutions in science and health communication. A comprehensive strategy addresses current and future challenges in a dynamic scenario, going from patients’ literacy to digital inclusion. Projects and studies are intertwined in a plan of action where complementarity is a strong asset of the team’s combined expertise, ranging from basic and applied sciences, to communications, education, multimedia, arts, and sociology. Such multidisciplinary profile is critical to design, develop and implement impactful and innovative solutions.