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PostDoc Representatives

About the Association: 


We are 200+ postdoctoral researchers and, together, we are a major force driving scientific research at i3S.

The goal of the i3S PDA is to improve the research environment and career development opportunities for i3S postdocs, by fostering professional and social interactions among the postdoc community and with the institution. To achieve this goal, the i3S PDA works to:


  • build a sense of community by connecting postdocs through mailing lists and in-person meetings
  • provide a forum to disseminate information and address issues relevant to the community
  • promote effective communication among postdocs, senior researchers and i3S administration
  • support, encourage and create opportunities for career development and networking
  • represent postdocs in council meetings and governing bodies of i3S and its member institutions


Join us!


We encourage you to subscribe to our mailing list and attend our events.
To join the mailing list, please email your institution’s representative. Only postdoctoral researchers currently working at i3S are eligible and can join the list.
If you are already a member of the i3S PDA, you can volunteer to collaborate in our activities by contacting the organizers/chairs.
Together we can make a difference!



Association Activities: 

Science policy

The i3S PDA representatives speak and act with minimal conflict of interest on behalf of i3S postdocs on:

  • policy issues, career development and working conditions relating to and affecting the postdoctoral community
  • seeking public opportunities to advocate for postdoctoral policy positions
  • liaison with administrators and senior researchers to voice community concerns and drive change


Postdoc Seminar Series

The seminars committee actively contributes to the organization of seminars at i3S.
The postdoc seminar series is a biweekly event (on Wednesdays, at noon in Auditorium Corino de Andrade) and provides a stage for postdocs to present their ongoing work to the broad i3S community.


Co-chairs: Daniel Osório, Ana Sofia Ribeiro and Joana Caldeira



Community Building

We plan networking and social events that foster peer-to-peer interactions and integrate postdocs into the larger i3S community. These include:

  • Lunch with the directors (monthly event). Contact person: Patricia Carneiro
  • Annual General Meeting (held during the i3S retreat in November). Contact person: Cassilda Pereira
  • “Story behind a CV” (bimonthly event). Launched in January 2018.


Professional Development

We organize programs that enhance the professional development of postdoctoral researchers.
Our main focus is to improve soft skills training, career choice strategies, academic career training and job search.
Since the foundation of i3S, we have been active in:

  • organizing professional soft skills courses and career-building workshops specifically tailored to the needs of postdocs
  • organizing regular individual career-orientation sessions with external consultants

Past & Current events:

Careers in Science 2016
CV Writing workshop 2017 
Effective Communication workshop 2018


Co-chairs: Ana Seixas / Ana Valentim



We aim to create an “i3S excellence fund” to empower people and scientific research at i3S.
Our main goal is to seek philanthropic funding from society, involving the following actions:

  • Establish strategic partnerships
  • Develop i3S merchandise
  • Organize fundraising events
  • Online initiatives

Co-chairs: Joana Caldeira / Ana Costa