Training calendar now available

Advanced training is one of the cornerstones of i3S as it cements its high-ranking position in the national and Euroepan health research panorama. In fact, along with in-house researchers who benefit from targeted actions, more and more people from the surrounding scientific community is flocking to i3S for the top-notch training we offer. Over time, the Advanced Training unit has even achieved an international status, drawing in more and more foreigner researchers looking for comprehensive training.

For all those reasons, it made sense to planify these actions in a way that helped potential participants to organize their training schedule. So, for the first time, the i3S Advanced Training unit makes available a calendar for a whole semester. This way, you may plan out for the first half of 2018 and subscribe to the actions that fit your needs!


Make sure to browse the Events section as well, which also promotes specific training actions from time to time.