GABBA turns 20!

GABBA turns 20 years old this year. The highly competitive and prestigious doctoral program achieves more than just a respectable age. This milestone is a testament to its excellence and various contributions to science with measurable impact. For many scientists, GABBA was also the first stepping-stone in the development of outstanding national and international careers.


The anniversary is being commemorated in the scope of the program’s annual meeting. ATG (All Time GABBAs) took charge of the celebrations, which take place on December 21st at Auditorium Mariano Gago, with a round table to discuss this 20-year journey. Notable GABBA alumni Rui Costa, Ana Carvalho, Catarina Ramos, Rosa Silva, Hélder Araújo and Diana Pinheiro have a seat at the table, in a session moderated by GABBA coordinator and i3S researcher João Relvas.


ATG is also behind the Maria de Sousa Summer Research program, whose first edition’s participants will provide experience testimonials, and the Ciência Viva - ATG Awards, which will be handed out to the winners at the same session. In fact, the grand winner of the Awards’ second iteration was an intern at a Ciência Viva no Laboratório’s project offered by i3S.


The GABBA program was established in 1996 and resulted from the merge of four Master’s programs, involving FCUP, FMUP and ICBAS.


Founded in 2014, ATG gathers alumni, coordinators, professors and other people who have actively contributed to the success of GABBA over the years.