i3S project funded by the EU

MIRACLE might be a somewhat farfetched and bold title for a research project but, really, they aim to perform miracles, for which they have recently been granted 6.2 million euros in the scope of the Horizon 2020 program, funding that took effect early this month.


Standing for Mid-infrared arthroscopy innovative imaging system for real-time clinical in-depth examination and diagnosis of degenerative joint diseases, the project joins 13 European partners from 6 countries, i3S among them, to demonstrate and implement an innovative MIR imaging-probe devised to be used in minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery with the purpose of enabling in-depth diagnosis of degenerative joint diseases, the better known of which is osteoarthritis. This disease is now one of the greatest challenges for health care systems: from 20% to 40% of European older adults are afflicted by it.


Coordinating the consortium is the Microelectronics Research Unit at the University of Oulu, Finland. i3S plays a role at a more advanced stage of the project, tending to the prototyping and system integration according to established standards. The i3S team, headed by João Cortez, are also overseeing the manufacturing, marketing and commercialization processes.


The MIRACLE project will unfold for 3.5 years and it will hopefully translate into improved patient well-being.