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Carla Oliveira
Principal Researcher
Carla Oliveira is the head of the Expression Regulation in Cancer group at IPATIMUP and is an Associate Professor of Biopathology at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Porto. She took a Degree in Biochemistry from the Science and Technology Faculty, University of Coimbra in 1996; got a PhD in Human Biology/GABBA 2002, from the Medical Faculty of Porto, through a collaboration between IPATIMUP & University of Cambridge, and has been supervised by Raquel Seruca and Carlos Caldas. She has been a Post-doc fellow at Ipatimup in 2002/2004 and performed a 2nd Post-doc at Univ. British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada, in 2004/2005. She became a Junior PI in 2005 at Ipatimup, and a Tenure track Independent Group Leader in 2011 in the same institute. She is responsible, at the IPATIMUP Diagnostics Unit, for genetic testing of gastric cancer associated syndromes since 2006, and launched the company Bioinformatics company Bioinf2Bio in August 2013. Carla's research focuses on the identification of cancer biomarker signatures for diagnostics, treatment, and treatment resistance, using Next Generation Sequencing, Bioinformatics, cell line and animal models. Her team has a strong link with hospitals that provide patients biological material, and the Industry that co-funds the research. Carla has a special interest and an excellent track record on the molecular determinants of sporadic and hereditary forms of gastrointestinal cancer. Her current interests enclose the study of tumour heterogeneity and biomarkers (genotypic and phenotypic) that confer resistance to treatment and/or allow predicting tumour regrowth. She has published >90 peer review publications cited 4020 times and she has h-index 35 at the age of 42 (Scopus Author ID: 7102223149). She was invited speaker in more than 40 conferences/seminars, including in 2 of the most important conferences on her area of research, in USA (DDW 2013) and Europe (UEG2 014). Carla was a member of the Scientific Committees of the European Society of Human Genetics, is an active members of a COST action on Exosomes in disease, and belongs to the International Gastric Cancer Linkage Consortium (IGCLC). She has participated in numerous National and International fellowship and grant application Evaluation Committees. She has successfully supervised 7 students to PhD completion, the same number of post-docs and recruited 2 iFCT Investigators for her team.

Selected Publications

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