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Alexandra Lopes
Assistant Researcher
Alexandra M Lopes completed a PhD degree in Biology by the University of Porto in 2006 and is currently a researcher (IF2014 starting grant) at the Population Genetics Group at IPATIMUP. She also teaches at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto, as an Invited Assistant Professor. Alexandra's research has focused on several aspects of sex chromosomes evolution and reproductive biology. Alexandra has led a research project funded by FCT that addressed structural rearrangements in male infertility and she is part of GEMINI, an international consortium funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) that aims at identifying the genetic architecture of male infertility in populations of European ancestry. She has published 19 peer-reviewed articles, 6 of which as first author and 5 as last author, in international peer reviewed journals in the fields of Human Genetics and Evolution, with 191 citations by other authors and with an h-index of 8. One of these studies represented a major breakthrough in the field, namely by the identification of recurrent deletions of the gene DMRT1 as a frequent, novel genetic cause of spermatogenic failure and was published in the one of the top 10 journals in Genetics and Heredity. Currently she is developing a new research line on the translational control of spermatogenesis. Alexandra is also a member of the Reviewer board of Frontiers in Neurogenomics.