Introduction to data analysis
and image processing with MATLAB | 5th Edition


25-27 March 2019 | i3S, Porto


Quantification is an essential component in every scientific domain, and the ability to extract more information from the data is a fundamental asset. This is an introductory "hands-on" course where the concepts and techniques will be explored directly in the MATLAB environment. MATLAB is a well-established tool in scientific and technical computing, with key advantages such as being extremely versatile/powerful and easy to learn. This course is especially suited for people engaged in research wanting to start using MATLAB in the context of scientific data analysis and image processing (quantification). Participants are invited to bring their own data and an analysis problem of interest to be addressed in the course (as a project), with the help of the tutors.


Lecturer: Paulo de Castro Aguiar, i3S / INEB

TA: Ana Filipa Gerós, i3S / INEB


Prerequisites: None – previous experience with MATLAB is not required

Participants are asked to bring their laptops (a MATLAB trial version is available)





Introduction to computer algorithms.
The MATLAB environment.
Variables and basic array operations.
Strategies for representing numerical/scientific problems on a computer.
Plotting data.
MATLAB programming.
Creating functions and scripts.
Automating data analysis.
Image analysis: images as arrays of data values; importing images and metadata; operations on image data; filtering; segmentation; morphological operations; properties measurements


Early Bird | Until 3rd February 2019
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Late registration | 4th February until 3rd March 2019
i3S members or External participants - 200 € | Payment deadline: 13th March 2019
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