Advanced Training

The I3S hosts highly qualified research personnel and it is a highly competitive and attractive post-graduate training center. New paradigms in advanced training are taking us from traditional forms of organizing research training to modern approaches that involve academic schools, research laboratories, hospitals and companies, with an inbuilt international dimension. Besides training in cutting edge technologies, we are also providing training in soft skills, entrepreneurship, involving companies and hospitals, all of which infused with a strong international dimension.

The I3S provides excellent opportunities for advanced training at various levels, offering a pallet of choices aimed at broadening the ability of students and researchers to tackle new challenges in their future careers in research, hospitals or industry. Participation in pre-clinical and clinical training activities is a major axis of the I3S, including: (i) training in molecular pathology and molecular genetics for clinicians and clinician-scientists, (ii) advanced practical courses on biomaterials in a clinical setting, and (iii) FELASA accredited courses (A, B and C categories) for laboratory animal experimentation.


Our advanced courses and symposia have gained international reputation and attracted several hundred participants every year. Some have been running for more than 15 years. Among the most successful ones are those on cancer, animal ethics, advanced microscopy, biomaterials, regenerative medicine, bioimaging, metabolism, cell culture assays and angiogenesis. Some of our training activities have received the support of EMBL and EMBO. 

Internationally accredited training provides researchers with knowledge and skills for responsible research with animals. Currently, the internal ethics committees certify all human and animal work in the institutes and all the animal work is subsequently certified by the national certification agency (Direção Geral de Veterinária).


Coordinator: Pedro Rodrigues 

Support: Andrea Costa