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The Dona Antónia Adelaide Ferreira Awards acknowledge extraordinary and visionary women who change ...
The winner, Marina Silva, heads the project, dedicated to understanding how paramyloidosis unravels....
Ana Luísa Castro received a Cornerstone Grant from the Histochemical Society and an Education Grant...
Discovery of a molecular biomarker earned research group led by Salomé Pinho the Nucleus for the Study of Autoimmune Diseases.
The former President of the i3S Board of Directors was awarded for his contributions to Education and Science.
Hereditary breast and ovarian cancer prevention project wins research award.


Communicating the 3Rs | 1st edition
This is a science communication workshop, specifically targeting young researchers whose work has relevance to the 3Rs of animal experimentation - Rep...
Brilliant PhDs, brighter future: Shaping Science together!
The event will feature distinguished keynote speakers from various fields who will share their valuable insights and experiences with you, and help yo...

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