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The exhibition is opening on September 19th and will be on display until October 22nd.
The initiative is moving towards a more sustainable approach to research at i3S.
The BIP Acceleration program awarded its first prize to the project "Orgavalue".
Discovery of a molecular biomarker earned research group led by Salomé Pinho the Nucleus for the Study of Autoimmune Diseases.
Hereditary breast and ovarian cancer prevention project wins research award.
The former President of the i3S Board of Directors was awarded for his contributions to Education and Science.


Intro to Python and Machine Learning for the Biosciences
This course introduces a widely-used programming language in science - Python - and introduces the basic concepts of machine learning and data science...
I have a PhD! What’s next?, 2nd edition
During these sessions, we will explore who you are, what kind of career you envision and the strategies needed to secure a fulfilling professional car...

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