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PostDoc Representatives

Welcome to the PhD Researchers Forum!

The PhD Researchers forum acts to increase the visibility and improve the work experience of all PhD researchers at i3S. We seek to facilitate connections and raise awareness both at the individual, institutional and national levels. We envision an inclusive community where PhD researchers are empowered, valued and supported in their current and future endeavours.
In line with the institute's philosophy, our forum is open to all i3S researchers who hold a PhD and are integrated into a research group without being the group leader.

Be a proactive PhD researcher and help improve the working environment at i3S. Start by joining our mailing list at the i3S Portal to stay updated and participate in our activities.

Together, we can make a difference!



  • Meet with the i3S board of directors monthly
    We attend monthly informal meetings where PhD Researchers can talk with representatives of the i3S board of directors about the concerns of our community and know first-hand news about our institute and Portuguese/European science. These meetings are exclusive and open to all members of our community; for logistical reasons, please contact us if you want to attend;
  • Represent our community in the consultive commission
    We actively participate in voicing our opinions during the monthly consultative meetings, where we represent our community and discuss critical decisions for i3S's daily and future work;
  • In-depth collaboration with the career development unit and i3S Ombudsman for PhDs
    We ambition to enhance the training opportunities and the researchers' career development prospects;
  • Cooperate with the occupational psychology unit
    We aim to identify and share the top concerns of PhD researchers with the Human Resources unit and Board of Directors in order to improve our community's mental health and to promote a better work environment;
  • Communicate with ANICT
    We interact with ANICT to communicate the needs, positions and concerns, on a national level, of i3S’s PhD researchers;
  • Support and promote the PostDoc Seminars organization, Green Lab Initiative, social activities, and the i3S Canteen Users Commission.



Short-term mission
  • Define the community's size, career stage, and financial status;
  • Enhance the sense of community among all PhD researchers at i3S;
  • Promote training for PhD researchers promoted and sponsored by i3S;
  • Foster activities that stimulate the well-being and mental health of the whole community.
Long-term mission
  • Support and create opportunities for career development and networking;
  • Stimulate the development of a scientific career at the institutional and/or national levels where the requirements for career engagement and progression are known, clear and do not change over time.