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Academic Internships

Over the years, we have received countless requests from students wanting to flex their researching muscle. Those requests all boil down to one question: how can I apply for an internship in your labs?

It is now easier to find a placement at one of our laboratories. Check in regularly to discover new available opportunities.

There are no deadlines; all vacancies will remain open until the right candidate comes along, so don't wait too long to apply!

Proposing researchers are entirely responsible for the postings and their contents, selection and contacting the applicants. For further information and queries, please contact the proposing researcher.

Internship Offers
Developmental regulation of Drosophila Dad, the inhibitory SMAD for the TGF signalling pathway (Master)
Paulo Pereira
Unraveling how very-long-chain fatty acids impact the neuronal cytoskeleton (Master)
Pedro Brites
Feedback regulation behind age-associated cell cycle slow down as a potential anti-aging target (Master)
Elsa Logarinho