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The Call

International Call for applications for the position of Director of the Institute for Research and Innovation in Health (i3S) of the University of Porto

Applications are now closed. Relevant updates on the process will be published here.


i3S – the Institute for Research and Innovation in Health has enacted a search process for the placement of a Director, who will serve in the role for four years in exclusive dedication to i3S, possibly extendable for another four, starting in early 2023. The Search Committee tasked with leading the process is seeking for a senior and internationally reputed leader with an outstanding scientific track record in Health/Biomedical Sciences, proven leadership and management skills, and the highest ethical standards, to embody and successfully implement i3S’s mission. We offer a competitive salary and representation expenses compatible with the level of appointment, equivalent to the top level of Full Professor/Faculty Director at the University of Porto (to be negotiated on a case-by-case basis and depending on previous experience). A full package of social benefits, health and retirement plans is offered in accordance with the Portuguese law.


The Role

The Director, more than others, personifies an institution and shapes its future. Their main responsibilities include:

  1. Presiding and overseeing the action of the Board of Directors, the executive body of i3S responsible for outlining the strategy for scientific development and implementation of the Institute´s mission and vision in the field of Health/Biomedical Sciences.
  2. Securing external funding, as well as ensuring adequate administrative and personnel management.
  3. Providing strong leadership, while strengthening research integrity and the academic reputation of the Institute.
  4. Establishing a true sense of community and shared mission among i3S researchers, while building bridges within and between the i3S Research Programs.
  5. Promoting a stimulating and ground-breaking research environment, while assuring the scientific independence of the research groups, within a culture of merit, diversity and inclusion, and guaranteeing proper and fair external evaluation.
  6. Policy making and dialoguing with i3S stakeholders and main international, national and regional authorities.


  1. Established international reputation based on research excellence and ethics in Biomedical Sciences;
  2. Strong record of publication of influential papers and other indicators of scientific merit;
  3. Leadership experience and evidence of strong management skills;
  4. Proven track-record in securing and managing significant funding;
  5. Excellent ability to communicate and network with the research community and wider society;
  6. Excellent knowledge of English is required; knowledge of Portuguese is beneficial, but not required.

Applications from active scientists are encouraged.


Applications are now closed.


Further information and full details on the application process and necessary documentation are available here.

Selected candidates will be invited for an interview to present their scientific and management concepts for the position to the Search Committee (in strict confidentiality), with the possibility of visiting i3S. The interviews are planned for October 2022.
Top-ranked candidates will be invited to provide a strategic view for i3S and share it in an open seminar to the i3S community before final appointment.

Applications and specific enquiries about the position should be sent electronically in strict confidentiality to the following e-mail address: searchcommittee@i3s.up.pt

About i3S

i3S is an Associate Laboratory to the Portuguese Government and a leading biomedical research institution in Portugal, located in the beautiful and world heritage town of Porto, in the southwest coast of Europe. i3S resulted from the merger of three institutes (IBMC, INEB, IPATIMUP) and the participation of six schools of the University of Porto and three local hospitals. With over 900 researchers and 74 research groups, i3S is a unique multidisciplinary ecosystem installed in a modern and purpose-built infrastructure that covers the full cycle of basic, translational and clinical research, from molecule to patient, combined with advanced training and a strong public outreach and innovative character. Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, including three clinical diagnostic services, i3S is organized in three research programs focused on Cancer, Host Interaction and Response, as well as Neurobiology and Neurologic Disorders.

Search Committee

The Search Committee – a body organized and entrusted to recruit, screen and recommend the best candidates for the position – is composed of the following members:

Chairman: Pedro Rodrigues (Vice-Rector of University of Porto)
Member: Fred Bosman (Chair of i3S External Advisory Board)
Member: Raquel Almeida (i3S)
Member: Meriem Lamghari (i3S)
Member: Diogo Castro (i3S)
Member: Teresa Summavielle (i3S)
Member: Hélder Maiato (i3S)
Member: Catarina Resende (University of Coimbra)
Member: Elisabete Weiderpass (IARC/WHO)
Member: Rui Costa (Allen Institute)