Where Ideas Grow

Innovation and Valorization

A melting pot of diverse national and scientific backgrounds, i3S is the perfect environment to explore interdisciplinary interfaces and champion synergies between research groups, all of them exploring game-changing areas in the health sector, namely basic medical research, immunology, molecular and cell biology, and tissue engineering. Technology transfer and validation of health technologies is crucial to assign concrete value to our research results and, in due time, capitalize on them. For that reason, a specialized team works closely with researchers in order to transfer the knowledge they produce in their laboratories at i3S for the benefit of society. In a process requiring all relevant stakeholders to be fully engaged, the ultimate goal is to use this knowledge to devise high-standard products and services that cater to clinical and healthcare needs.

The i3S Research and Innovation unit is the primary team pursuing a widespread acknowledgement of the real value of research developed at i3S, as well as exploring its commercial potential. Because they are attuned with the ever-increasing requirements in a healthcare environment, they are able to match the capabilities and expertise i3S has to offer with real clinical needs. To meet such needs, the office creates the necessary conditions for the forging of R&D cooperative strategies between industry and academia, while fostering innovation and entrepreneurship within our research community. At the same time, the Research and Innovation unit supports scientists planning to transfer technology and know-how and encourages them to take the plunge. Also en route to be further exploited are our scientific platforms, offering state-of-the-art technologies. By sharing these resources with university and renowned clinical facilities, a few purposes are fulfilled:

- It gets easier to close the gap breaking research and clinic apart;

- A convergence of resources and high-throughput of biomedical knowledge and technologies is achieved;

Clinicians actively engage in our research activities, either by working in our laboratories or by collaborating in particular projects;

- The revenue generated by this universal use could be a contribution later to be invested in the update of facilities and to buy new equipment.

At any rate, such cooperation ensures a close proximity to regional and national healthcare systems, thus enabling i3S to realize the vision that has guided us since the beginning: to achieve a better and healthier tomorrow.