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Clinical and Diagnostic Platforms

The i3S clinical and diagnostic platforms are central to attending to specific needs of patients, but they also act as a sort of test tube to some of the research developed in our laboratories. They are an integral part of i3S and are crucial to closing the cycle of innovation we have in motion. In fact, i3S contributes to and integrates the regional strategy, namely by establishing partnerships with the neighboring community and other relevant actors in the health sector. Besides working towards unraveling disease mechanisms and coming up with novel therapeutic solutions, we increasingly handle the business side by bridging the gap that often separates breakthrough research and industry. 

At the same time, i3S maintains a strong connection to the largest hospitals in the northern region, namely CHU S. João, CHU Porto and IPO-Porto, turning our institute into a leading player when it comes to the consolidation of northern Portugal’s health cluster. Porto Comprehensive Cancer Center is the crystallization of such significant collaborative relationships, and a reciprocal boost to place the involved institutions in the forefront of European research in health.