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The €10K grant will help advance her work toward improving the diagnosis and monitorization of lup...
Lídia Faria penned the Outstanding Paper Prize 2023 for the journal Disease Models and Mechanisms.
Over the years, IJUP has launched many promising young researchers.
Discovery of a molecular biomarker earned research group led by Salomé Pinho the Nucleus for the Study of Autoimmune Diseases.
Hereditary breast and ovarian cancer prevention project wins research award.
The former President of the i3S Board of Directors was awarded for his contributions to Education and Science.


7th PhDay: From Theory to Application: Research in Action
Join us for an inspiring two-day event tailored towards our institute's PhD student community.
Summer School 2024
This unique opportunity is open to all EIC’s Green Hydrogen Portfolio early stage researchers/students who are eager to delve into the fascinating w...

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