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Researchers Céu Figueiredo and Fátima Carneiro lead two teams contributing to the ultimate goal of...
The grants allow two new foreign researchers to join i3S.
Out of a total of 16 grants, five will fund i3S projects carried out by young researchers in our lab...
Discovery of a molecular biomarker earned research group led by Salomé Pinho the Nucleus for the Study of Autoimmune Diseases.
The former President of the i3S Board of Directors was awarded for his contributions to Education and Science.
Hereditary breast and ovarian cancer prevention project wins research award.


Hands-on course in transgenesis and mutagenesis in zebrafish
This hands-on course will focus on the training in genetic manipulation of zebrafish, including techniques for transgenesis and mutagenesis. The parti...
The State-of-the-art in forensic genetics
In collaboration with the Spanish and Portuguese Speaking Group of the International Society for Forensic Genetics (GHEP-ISFG), we host, on the 23rd a...

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