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About Community

At i3S we strive to do more than science. We hope to build a community.

Slowly, more and more groups crop up, whose members got together in a spontaneous way.

With about 250 doctoral candidates, the PhD Students Association was set to raise and discuss all sorts of issues of interest to the associates. Similarly, the Postdoctoral Association acts as a support system for the many in-house postdoctoral researchers. It aspires to improve existing research conditions, as well as to promote favorable circumstances for researchers to thrive and grow in their career. Both associations look to support and/or develop activities suitable to the associates’ qualifications and which could potentially help them advance in their career. In the process, a stronger sense of community inevitably emerges.

PhD students have another institutional representation via the PhD Student Ombudsperson. Recently invested, the ombudsperson does much more than speak for the students they represent. In the context of the University of Porto, the i3S PhD Student Ombudsperson in entrusted of advocating their interests. Despite the solely advisory nature of this office, it is essential for doctoral students to have a figure they can refer to whenever legitimate concerns arise.

Our community would not be complete without the honorary researchers, whose expertise is revered and inspirational.