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2nd General Meeting ADHER´N RISE CA18240

NEW DATES: 15-16 July 2021

Due to the SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 pandemic situation, an on-site meeting cannot take place. Therefore, an online version of the meeting will take place.



The Institute for Research and Innovation in Health (i3S) welcomes you to the Second General Meeting ADHER´N RISE CA18240.
The meeting is being organized and expected to take place in Porto, in July 2021. Due to the uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 situation, it might be necessary that a virtual meeting will have to take place on the same date. In the case of an on-site meeting, we will also provide online video streaming. Please go forward with your registration and we will keep you updated concerning the health situation.

The Action aims to promote, stimulate and translate research on Adhesion-G protein-coupled receptors (aGPCRs) ‘from bench to bedside’ in Europe. Adhesion-GPCRs are a class of structurally and functionally highly intriguing cell surface receptors with essential functions in health and disease, which have remained understudied for a long time and thus, display a vastly unexploited pharmacological potential. Only the past years have seen an increase in efforts to unravel the mysteries of this enigmatic family of GPCRs. Scientists, as well as clinicians from different fields with divergent expertise and interests, begin to recognise the relevance of aGPCRs and get involved in aspects of aGPCR research. As a consequence, the community is young, only just forming and not well organised.

The Second General Meeting wants to bring together the COST Action community and foster a network of dedicated non-tenured Early Career Investigators (ECIs), clinicians and representatives of pharmaceutical companies, provide communication platforms and opportunities to interact.

We expect to cover a wide range of topics in different sessions dedicated to:
I - Structure-function relation
II- Physiology and clinical relevance
III- Innovation and technology development
IV - Sequence repertoire and evolution of Ahesion GPCRs 

We encourage you to take this opportunity to discuss your research and to submit your abstract for oral or poster presentation.




Local Organiser
André Maia (Local organizer)
Head of Scientific Platform
BioSciences Screening, i3S – Instituto de Investigação e Inovação em Saúde, Universidade do Porto, Portugal


Scientific Committee
André Maia, i3S
Simone Promel 
Ines Liebscher
Katja Spiess
Biljana Stankovic
Jan Weber
Katarina Trajkovic





Day 1 (Thursday, July 15th) 

9:00 (PT)/10:00 (CET) – 09:15 (PT)/10:15 (CET)  Welcome from Dr. Andre Maia (local organiser, MC Representative, WG4 leader) and Prof. Ines Liebscher (Scientific Representative ADHER’N RISE) and Prof. Simone Promel (Chair ADHER’N RISE).


SESSION I - Technical Advances in aGPCR reserach
Chairs: tba

9:15 (PT)/10:15 (CET) - 10:00 (PT)/11:00 (CET)  -  Keynote (Tobias Langenhan, Leipzig University, Germany, Title tba)

10:00 (PT)/11:00 (CET) - 12:00 (PT)/13:00 (CET) - Selected oral communications

12:00 (PT)/13:00 (CET) - 13:30 (PT)/14:30 (CET) -  Lunch break


SESSION II - Physiology of aGPCR
Chairs: tba

13:30 (PT)/14:30 (CET) - 14:30 (PT)/15:30 (CET)  -  Keynote (Caroline Formstone, King´s College London, UK, Title tba)

14:30 (PT)/15:30 (CET) - 16:30 (PT)/17:30 (CET) - Selected oral communications

16:30 (PT)/17:30 (CET) - 17:30 (PT)/18:30 (CET) - Poster Session


Day 2 (Friday, July 16th) 


Chairs: tba

9:00 (PT)/10:00 (CET) – 11:00 (PT)/12:00 (CET)  -  Workgroup meetings

11:00 (PT)/12:00 (CET) – 11:30 (PT)/12:30 (CET) -  Workgroup meetings wrap-up & announcements

11:30 (PT)/12:30 (CET) - 12:30 (PT)/13:30 (CET) - Lunch Break

12.30 (PT)/13:30 (CET) – 14:30 (PT)/15:30 (CET) - MC Meeting


SESSION IV - Insights in structure and function of aGPCR
Chairs: tba

15:00 (PT)/16:00 (CET) - 16:00 (PT)/17:00 (CET)  -  Keynote (Demet Arac, University of Chicago, USA)

16:00 (PT)/17:00 (CET) - 18:00 (PT)/19:00 (CET) - Selected oral communications

18:00 (PT)/19:00 (CET) - 18:30 (PT)/19:30 (CET) -  Closing Remarks

Social Program

Porto Sightseeing Walking Tour

Dinner Downtown

Abstract Submission

Instructions for abstract format and layout:
– The entire abstract must fit one single A4 page, including title, authors and affiliations.
– The abstract body may have a maximum of 2500 characters with spaces for text plus references, size-11 font.
– No figures or schematics are allowed.
– Authors should follow the abstract layout provided here.

Abstract Submission deadline: 13th May 2021
Notification of abstracts results (poster/talk): 2nd June 2021


Registration is free but mandatory.

Due to the SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 pandemic situation an on-site meeting cannot take place. Therefore, an on-line version of the meeting will take place.


New Registration deadline: 13th June 2021



Walking distance to i3S

Hotel IBIS São João **
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Directions from Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport (Porto) to i3S:

- Subway
You can take the line E (direction: Estádio do Dragão) at the Airport station. Destination station: Trindade; at this station you have to change to line D (direction: Hospital São João). Final destination station: Pólo Universitário.
Average time: 40 minutes | Ticket price: 2€ | For more information: https://en.metrodoporto.pt/

- Taxi
Average time: 20 minutes | Price: around 25€ (extra-charges for luggage and night hours may be applied)
Please keep in mind that COST has restrictions for taxi reimbursements, see COST Vademecum.




More information
Events Management Unit | Rua Alfredo Allen 208 | 4200-135 Porto, Portugal
Email: events@i3s.up.pt | Tel: +351 226 074 900