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Alive Together I:
Human/Animal Relationships in Crisis?


Hybrid Lab Network’s LTTA (Learning Teaching and Training Activity), Alive Together I: Human/Animal Relationships in Crisis? with artist Louise Mackenzie, ethologist Anna Olsson and guest speaker, artist Maja Smrekar, sets the foundations for exploring human/animal relationships across disciplines.

The course will take place online over 5 days, spread across 2 weeks: on Monday 30th November, Friday 4th December and then Wednesday 9th to Friday 11th December 2020.



What does it mean for humans to be alive together with animals when our ecological future is precarious? How does the pandemic reshape our lives with other species? What are the core skills humans must develop to sustain good working relationships across disciplinary and species boundaries? How can interdisciplinary approaches inform the ways in which humans and animals co-exist together?


ALIVE TOGETHER is an interdisciplinary community for research interests in human/animal/multispecies relationships, developed through the Hybrid Lab Network. ALIVE TOGETHER launches in 2020 with an interdisciplinary online course run between the UK, Slovenia and Portugal – Alive Together I: Human/Animal Relationships in Crisis? intended for practitioners in the arts, humanities and sciences who have an interest in human/animal relationships.

Through a series of classes and exercises in Week 1, we will share skills across disciplinary practices to develop both individual and shared understandings of human/animal relationships, in Week 2 we will then use what we have learned to build the foundations for group projects that develop interdisciplinary approaches to human/animal relationship research.

The course is limited to 12 places, the selection will be based on participants’ motivation and potential contribution to a diverse and multidisciplinary group. The deadline for application is 22nd November 2020. Selected participants will be confirmed by 24th November 2020.