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PhasAGE Expert Seminar Series
Phase separation: an emergent function of disordered proteins


26 April 2021, 2 PM (Lisbon Time)

The Twinning PhasAGE project, coordinated by IBMC/i3S, is pleased to announce the launch of the PhasAGE Expert Seminar Series. The first Expert Seminar “Phase separation: an emergent function of disordered proteins” will be held by Peter Tompa from VIB’s Structural Biology Research Center (Belgium).

The seminar will be exclusively online and open to the scientific community. 
After the seminar, the PhasAGE members will have access to a closed Q&A session with the speaker.

More information at https://phasage.eu/ess/.

Organizing Team
Sandra Ribeiro, i3S/ IBMC 
Carlos Conde, i3S/ IBMC 
Rita Vilaça, i3S/ IBMC 
Mónica Marques, i3S/ IBMC 


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Peter Tompa
is an expert in structurally disordered proteins and phase separation research in cell physiology and disease.Peter Tompa's research focuses on understanding the role of structural disorder in liquid-liquid phase separation (LLPS) of proteins in cell physiology and disease, with a primary focus on amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).


Registration is free but mandatory. 

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More information: 
E-mail: phasageproject@i3s.up.pt