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A School without walls by Maria de Sousa

Tribute to Maria de Sousa | April 14th 2022 | Auditorium of Biblioteca Almeida Garrett, Porto


Professor Maria de Sousa built her career in the UK and the US from the 1960s to the mid-1980s, returning to Porto as a tenured ICBAS Professor. A multidisciplinarian, Professor Maria encouraged curiosity, awe, and intellectual humility at all steps of the scientific career. In this hybrid event, organized by ATG – the All Time GABBA Alumni, in partnership with the i3S and Câmara Municipal do Porto, we will honour Professor Maria’s extraordinary life.

Her seminal work on ecotaxis (1971), the hallmark T cell movement towards the thymus-dependent area (TDA) stands itself as a metaphor for Maria de Sousa’s life. In a 2014 interview with Anabela Mota-Ribeiro, Professor Maria states, “The image of a river is the image of life. The only choice a river makes is the absence of choice: it flows aimless, through wherever the mountain lets it. On the human river, we make choices”.

And so, Professor Maria chose: Her deep interest and talents for science and the arts was unparalleled, as was her ability to bridge gaps between science and society. During the tribute, we will hear testimonies from some of their many mentees, discover heartfelt memories about her intercontinental contributions to people and society, and perform homages through music and poetry readings.

Moreover, we will reminisce together about her pivotal role in founding the GABBA PhD Program through a roundtable of GABBA alumni and professors, and share stories from informal moments. The event will conclude with a Porto de Honra where we will keep sharing and networking, for Prof Maria that would be the foundations of everything in life.


Ana Correia
André Sousa
Bebiana Moura
Bruno Afonso
Bruno Fontinha
Catarina Cunha
Catarina Seabra
Diogo Trigo
Eurico Morais de Sá
Joana Feijó
Joana Wilton
Lígia Tavares
Pedro Moura Alves
Pedro Resende
Susana Frazão Pinheiro
Telmo Catarino




10h00-11h00 - Registration and welcome pack 

11h00 – Opening
Lígia Tavares (vice-President of ATG) and Rui Moreira (President of Câmara Municipal do Porto)

11h10 - The mentees
Chair: Catarina Seabra (ATG/CNC) 
•    Alexandra Manaia – St Julian's School, Portugal 
•    Ana J Coito – David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, USA
•    Joana Maia – Pierre Fabre, Portugal
•    Maria Mota – Instituto de Medicina Molecular, Portugal

12h30 - Lunch - Salão Nobre do ICBAS/FCUP

14h00 - Science and beyond 
Chair: Ana Luísa Correia (ATG/Champalimaud Foundation)
•    Ana Campos – IBMC, Universidade do Porto, Portugal
•    Anabela Mota Ribeiro – Journalist 
•    David Lyden – Weill Cornell Medical College, USA 
•    Graça Porto – i3S, Universidade do Porto, Portugal
•    Rita Fior – Champalimaud Foundation, Portugal

15h40 - Coffee Break

16h10 - Piano (Pedro Miranda) & Poetry (Susana Frazão Pinheiro)
Chair: Pedro Moura Alves (ATG/i3S) 

16h40 - The GABBA School roundtable
Moderator: Pedro Resende (ATG/i3S/Chaperone) 
•    Alexandre do Carmo - i3s, Universidade do Porto, Portugal
•    André Sousa – Waisman Center, Madison, USA
•    António Amorim - i3s, Universidade do Porto, Portugal
•    Carla Sofia Cardoso – Faculdade de Direito, Universidade do Porto, Portugal
•    Rui Costa – Zuckerman Institute, Columbia, USA

18h10 - Closing
Eurico Morais-de-Sá (President of ATG) and Claudio Sunkel (Director of i3S)


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