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The Story Behind the PI

28 March, 26 April, 30 May, 20 June, 25 July | i3S



Welcome to “The Story Behind the PI” at i3S! 

This year, after the pandemic situation that we faced, we decided to promote the scientific interchange among our community, bringing back the spirit of “The Story Behind the CV” but now highlighting the path of our outstanding PI.  Each month we will get to know a different PI not only their scientific achievements but most importantly how they got there. Therefore, we would like to invite the whole community to an informal and laid-back conversation with our honorable i3S PIs. We challenge you to be part of this event bringing your best mood and the unanswered questions that you always wanted to know about our PIs.
We truly believe that this event will help us to bring back our academic spirit and get us closer together. 
Join us on this “The Story Behind the PI” journey! We hope you enjoy it! 


The Organizing Committee, 

PhD Student Representatives

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28 March | 16:30
Claudio Sunkel, Cell Division & Genomic Stability Group


26 April | 16:30
Maria José Oliveira, Tumour and Microenvironment Interactions Group


30 May | 16:30
Celso Reis, Glycobiology in Cancer Group 


20 June | 16:30
Hélder Maiato, Chromosome Instability & Dynamics Group


25 July | 16:30
Bruno Sarmento, Nanomedicines & Translational Drug Delivery Group



i3S members only. Information regarding will be announced through email.
Registration is free but mandatory and limited to the first 60 participants.