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Genetic Tests in Context: people, families, society - 25 years of genetic tests at IBMC

29th November 2022 | Hybrid event

As genetic testing increasingly becomes routine in health care, this symposium aims to present an historical, clinical, and scientific perspective, with a multidisciplinary focus, of genetic tests in Portugal, particularly in, but not limited to neurogenetics. This symposium also highlights the 25 years since the first genetic tests at IBMC.

It will bring together thematic sessions, keynotes, and round-tables about the evolution of genetic testing, its multiple applications, technologies, and future possibilities, and the clinical, care, and psychosocial dimensions, as well as its societal, ethical, and regulatory framework. 

This symposium is organised by the CGPP - Centro de Genética Preditiva e Preventiva do IBMC - i3S, and will be carried out in a hybrid format. 

The organising committee:
Andreia Perdigão
Álvaro Mendes
Carolina Lemos
Joana Damásio
João Parente Freixo
Jorge Oliveira
Leonor Ferreira
Milena Paneque


Language: Portuguese

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Events Management Unit | Rua Alfredo Allen 208 | 4200-135 Porto, Portugal | +351 226 074 900


Auditório Corino de Andrade, i3S, Porto


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Registration is free but mandatory.

Registration deadline: October 31st

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