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Conference: Human limits and frontiers


In celebration of the 30th anniversary of SERRALVES, INEB and IPATIMUP, Serralves Foundation and i3S are promoting a series of conferences to explore the frontiers of knowledge and how they intersects with the human being's very essence. Breaking the laws of nature is part of human history. If for some people, those limits are to be conquered, for others, the limits are exactly where the line ought to be drawn. Taking after the considerations of a few contemporary thinkers, this topic will guide you through the limits we've already overcome, the ones we hope to conquer in the near future and those that nature will prevent us from surmounting.

The 1st session will take place on the 8th of October, 5 PM at i3S, with Alexandre Quintanilha, Arlindo Oliveira and Graça Almeida-Porada, moderated by Manuel Sobrinho Simões.

The 2nd session will take place on the 15th of October, 9.30 PM at Serralves Foundation, with Marinela Freitas, Pedro Cabrita Reis e Rui Vieira Nery, moderated by José Pacheco Pereira. The debate will be open to the audience since the sessions are public and free, albeit with mandatory registration.