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10th Annual Meeting 



Dear i3S community,

Get ready to mark your calendars for the most exciting event of the year! We are delighted to announce the 10th i3S Annual Meeting, which will be held on the 16th and 17th of November at the Axis Vermar Conference & Beach Hotel in Póvoa de Varzim.

As the largest research institute in biomedical sciences in Portugal, we are happy to welcome all of you to a lively and enthusiastic program. Our scientific sessions will include lectures of invited speakers, oral presentations, and speed talks which will highlight the variety of research performed by our early career researcher. In the latter, speakers will have the opportunity to receive dedicated feedback from senior researchers of their choice and benefit from the transdisciplinary nature of the institute. With the goal of translation, we will also showcase i3S significant advances along with tips and tricks of the process.

But that's not all! We're thrilled to include a session where the recently elected coordinators of the three research lines will discuss their vision, goals, and other topics that you want to hear about. Plus, join us for some informal team-building activities planned by the different units of our community, so we can all get to know each other better.

To make all this possible we have already challenged some of you to get involved with the organization of specific moments, whom we thank in advance. We hope that many more will get involved and contribute to the success of the event. We guarantee you'll enjoy both the excellent science and the conviviality at Póvoa de Varzim.


The Scientific Committee,

Eurico Sá, Joana Tavares and Jorge Vieira






Axis Vermar Conference & Beach Hotel

Rua da Imprensa Regional
4490-518 Póvoa de Varzim
Tel: + 351 252 298 900
Fax: + 351 252 298 901


How to get there

The easiest ways to reach the meeting venue are:
– By car: GPS coordinates are: N 41° 23′ 27.4482″ | W -8° 46′ 23.5194″ 
– By metro: (

You should take line B (average time: 30 minutes)
From Póvoa de Varzim station to Axis Vermar Conference & Beach Hotel, you may go by taxi.


Day 1 | 16 November


10:00 Registration

10h45 Welcome


11h00 i3S Researcher talks

Chairs: Carlos Conde and Ana do Vale

Deciphering glycosaminoglycan biosynthetic pathways and biological roles in cancer
 Ana Magalhães,  Glycobiology in Cancer Group

Turning back the aging clock to revert heart failure 
 Diana Nascimento, Stem Cells in Regenerative Biology and Repair Group

Molecular-based Biosensing Technologies for Diagnostics and Monitoring of Neurogeneration
 Inês Mendes Pinto, Glial Cell Biology Group


Cellular sheepdogs: understanding and controlling collective cell behaviors | Daniel Cohen, Princeton University, USA

Chair: Eurico Sá


13h00 Lunch

14h30 - 16h30 SOCIAL ACTIVITIES 

16h30 Coffee break



Chairs:  Ana Carvalho and Diogo Castro

Didier Cabanes, Infection, Immunity and Regeneration Program Coordinator
Luísa Pereira, Cancer Program Coordinator
Teresa Summavielle, Neurobiology and Neurologic Disorders Program Coordinator 

Round Table
Integrative Programs Coordination


18h15 i3S AWARDS 
Estrela Neto e Fábio Ferreira 


19:15 i3S Choir

20h00 Dinner and musical moment


Day 2 | 17 November



Chairs: Delfim Duarte and Joana Paredes


i3S Diagnostics: a life after COVID-19 
Didier Cabanes, i3S Diagnostics

Molecular Diagnostics at Ipatimup 
 Jorge Lima, Ipatimup Diagnostics

"Which came first, the egg or the bird?" 
 Miguel Alves Ferreira and Sofia Melo Pereira, The Center for Predictive and Preventive Genetics



Chairs: Inês Gonçalves and Pedro Brites

From Science to Startup: a lab-to-market roadmap for early-stage entrepreneurs
Joana Caldeira, Biofabrication Group

A translational pathway on the power of Glycans in Inflammatory Bowel Disease: from fundamental questions to clinical applications 
Salomé Pinho, Immunology, Cancer & GlycoMedicine Group


10h45 Coffee break


From biomarker discovery to clinical use - trials and tribulations 

José Leal, CEO of Ophiomics Precision Medicine, Portugal 

Chair: Jorge Vieira


 Using modelling to better understand infectious disease transmission dynamics

 Simon Cauchemez, Institut Pasteur, France

Chair: Joana Tavares


13h00 Lunch



--- ESTELA ROOM (1-20) 

14h00 Gene Regulation & Fate Decision 

Chairs: José Bessa & Isabel Castro 

14h30 Cell and Organelle Dynamics – Session I 

Chairs: Elsa Logarinho & Jorge Ferreira 

15h00 Cell and Organelle Dynamics – Session II 

Chairs: Reto Gassmann & Florence Janody 

15h30 Cell Division & Proliferation 

Chairs: Helder Maiato & Ana Rita Araújo



14h00 Novel Methods and Therapies - Session I 

Chairs: Isabel Amaral & José das Neves 

14h30 Novel Methods and Therapies - Session II 

Chairs: Maria Inês Almeida & Susana Santos 

15h00 Stem Cells and Regeneration 

Chairs: Perpétua Pinto do Ó & Ana Cordeiro Gomes 

15h30 Animal Models of Disease and Behavior 

Chairs: Anna Olsson & Teresa Summavielle 


--- EÇA DE QUEIRÓS ROOM (41-60) 

14h00 Lessons from Patients and Clinical Studies – Session I 

Chairs: Joana Paes de Faria & Rita Santos 

14h30 Lessons from Patients and Clinical Studies – Session II 

Chairs: José Carlos Machado & Joana Figueiredo 

15h00 Neurobiology and Neurological Disorders 

Chairs: Mathew Holt & Marcia Liz 

15h30 Novel Methods and Therapies - Session III 

Chairs: Paulo Aguiar & Pedro Martins 


--- AUDITORIUM (61-80) 

14h00 Cancer Biology – Session I 

Chairs: Carla Oliveira & Raquel Almeida 

14h30 Cancer Biology – Session II 

Chairs: Maria José Oliveira & Nuno Rodrigues dos Santos 

15h00 Cancer Therapy 

Chairs: Bruno Pereira & Catarina Gomes 

15h30 Cancer - Microbiome - Immune Axis 

Chairs: Nuno Alves & Salomé Pinho 


--- GOMES DE AMORIM ROOM (81- 100)

14h00 Infection and Immunity – Session I 

Chairs: Sandra Sousa & Margarida Duarte 

14h30 Infection and Immunity – Session II 

Chairs: Pedro Moura Alves & Liliana Oliveira 

15h00 Anti-Infective Strategies 

Chairs: Helena Azevedo & Tiago Beites 

15h30 Genetics and Evolution 

Chairs: Susana Seixas & Nádia Pinto 


16h00 Coffee break with “meet the speakers”   


16h30 Year in Review
Claudio Sunkel, i3S Director

 17h00 Closing 
 Pedro Rodrigues, Vice-Rector Research and Innovation, University of Porto

Social Program

Social Activities


16th November | 14h30-16h30

Activity 1 - Draw a story | Estela Room

Do you like stories? Do you have drawing skills? Then this activity is for you! You will be asked to draw while a story is being narrated. At the end, all drawings will be evaluated and the drawing closer to the narration will be the winner.

Organization: Transversal Units

Activity 2 - Diverge and build | Eça de Queirós Room

Team activities to improve your divergent thinking skills and team work abilities.

Organization: ComUnit & Career Development Unit

Activity 3 - Total Eclipse of the Art | Auditorium

Step into a time machine and relive the golden era of pop music with our "Total Eclipse of the Art" quiz! If you're a die-hard fan of the infectious beats, catchy lyrics, and iconic artists that dominated the airwaves in the 80's and 90's, this quiz is tailor-made for you. Get ready to test your knowledge, challenge your memory, and groove to the rhythms that defined a generation.

Organization: Postdoc representatives

Activity 4 - There's plenty of fish in the sea! | Gomes de Amorim Room

Do you know in which container the coffee cups are placed in? Or which laboratory equipment consumes the most energy? Do you want to know how your laboratory can be more sustainable? Come find out and put your knowledge to the test! In this activity, your knowledge will be valuable in helping you overcome the final challenge and take home a prize! Do you think you are a good fisherman? Come find out!

Organization: Greenlab

Activity 5 - Go with the Flow – Yoga | Garden

Let yourself be carried away by the wave of these activities, be it the wave of relaxation where you seek unity between body and mind, or the wave of movement where you seek to combine training with fun. Put down your coat and paper and choose your wave!

Organization: PhD students

Activity 6 - Go with the Flow – Zumba | Garden

Let yourself be carried away by the wave of these activities, be it the wave of relaxation where you seek unity between body and mind, or the wave of movement where you seek to combine training with fun. Put down your coat and paper and choose your wave!

Organization: PhD students

Activity 7 - The life raft debate | Bar

Let’s pretend that a great disaster wiped out the greater part of the world's population. The few survivors are set on leaving for a once inhospitable island, now offering the perfect conditions for humans to thrive, and rebuild society. They have a life raft and one single spare seat, so they are willing to listen to aspiring survivors and reward with an oar the one who more convincingly proves their usefulness in the new society. In this structured debate, you decide who is worth saving. Those registered for this activity may be invited to actively participate in the session.

Organization: ComUnit

Activity 8 - i3S without borders | Garden

Here you will leave the lab coat behind and change into a tracksuit or wetsuit! You will have to work as a team and compete with others in a fun game with various obstacles. The goal is to be fast and efficient, which only happens if there is cooperation! And, at the end there will be a prize for the best team of “i3S without borders”.

Organization: PhD students

Activity 9 - Word box | Póvoa de Varzim Room

In this team activity, cardboard boxes with 4 letters each will be handed out. Each team will have to select 5 people who, blindfolded, will have to write as many words as possible in the time available with the help of the rest of the team. Bring your competitive spirit, grab a cardboard box and write as many words as possible with your teammates!

Organization: Transversal Units

Abstract Submission

The call for abstracts will be open between 1st July and 29thSeptember 2023.

Participants will be notified of abstract selection on 20th October.

Selection of 80 abstracts for speed talk presentations. Participants that will perform the speed talk should send their presentation in PDF or PPT by the 7th of November. Further details will be provided later.


Abstract Guidelines >>

Template download >>





The registration for the i3S Annual Meeting is free for all i3S members and it will be open between 22nd September and 24th October 2023.


Important dates

Abstract submission deadline: 29th September 2023
Abstract selection notification: 20th October 2023
Registration deadline: 24th October 2023




The accommodation is responsibility of each participant. Preferential rates are available to the Meeting participants.

Single room: 61€ (57,55€ + IVA)
Double room: 71€ (66,98€ + IVA)
Triple room: 90€ (84,91€ + IVA)

In addition, each participant will have to pay a tourist tax of 1,5€ per night and person. 

Reservation should be done using the e-mail: .



Events Management Unit | Rua Alfredo Allen 208 | 4200-135 Porto, Portugal
E-mail: | Tel: +351 226 074 900