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Workshop Moving from Academia to Industry
9, 30 and 31 October 2018 | i3S


Workshop on personal and professional development for researchers (PhDs) in the Bioscience field. This 2-day event will focus on two main career planning processes when an academia-industry transition is desired:


(1) Networking for PhDs and how human resources recruits; and
(2) Understanding the private sector in terms of their market needs along with the hiring process.


Every year, some percentage of PhDs seeks to leave their academy role and move into the industry. The reason for this desire for change varies widely, but everyone faces a unique set of challenges to smoothly do this academia-industry transition. These challenges include successfully adjusting their CV resume towards an industry perspective, confidence in their interviewing and networking skills, choose the right job, create the perfect LinkedIn profile, among others. The motivation of this workshop is to explore this transition from academia to industry by teaching from both a specific and general viewpoint, not only ideas on best practices for being successful in the transition, but also pitfalls and traps to avoid.


Target: Researchers and PhD students



Part I - Networking for PhDs

9 October 2018 | 9h-16h | Mariano Gago Auditorium

The specific context of this 1st day explores the perspectives on creating the best LinkedIn profile, on how an HR recruitment expert company finds PhDs, and how to get beginner and advanced networking advice. This will be lectured by successful professionals who made the move to the industry after years of academic experience and also with the expertise of the only industry association specifically for PhDs, such as Cheeky Scientist.


Part II - Understanding the private sector with Pedro Salgueiro

30 and 31 October 2018 | 9h-17h | Meeting room A

The specific context of this 2nd day focus on the understanding of the private sector by (1) Providing an overview in how academy experience is or is not valued by the industry (2) Outline industry ways of doing business, (3) Identify key market needs & trends (4) Understanding the industry hiring process. This will be lectured by Ph.D. Pedro Salgueiro, a talented scientist with many years of experience in the field of Oncology, and currently working in novel therapeutic development at Roche. Pedro has an extensive and outstanding CV and large experience in both Academia and Industry fields, which makes him a perfect person to address this Academia to Industry transition by sharing with us his personal experience.


Part I - Networking for PhDs
9 October 2018 | 9h - 16h | Mariano Gago Auditorium


9:00-9:30 | Registration

9:30-11:00 | LinkedIn by Pedro Caramez (Consultant)


11:00-11:30 | Coffee break


11:30–13:00 | "How does an HR recruitment expert company find PhDs” by Mara Caeiro (Executive Manager, Quasar Human Capital)


13:00–14:00 | Lunch break (not included)


14:00–16:00 | Cheeky Scientist Webinar

Of Science & Strategy: Creating a Career Strategy

The Modern Job Search: Using online profiles to maximize the effectiveness of the job seeking/transition process

Networking: An Art and Science



Part II. Understanding the private sector with Pedro Salgueiro (PhD., Medical Affairs Manager)
30 and 31 October 2018 | 9h - 17h | Meeting room A


9:00-10:30 | Industry ways of doing business

Understanding Business Model

Organizational structure

Who does what?


10:30-11:00 | Coffee break


11:00 – 12:30 | Am I ready?

Market Needs & Trends

The story behind my research


12:30–14:00 | Lunch break (not included)


14:00–17:00 | Feeding the Industry with talent

The Hiring Process – Who? Where? When?

My application




Pedro Caramez
Pedro Caramez is a LinkedIn Book Author, speaker and consultant. Pedro is a specialist in training Corporate Teams and Executives in using social networks such as LinkedIn for branding, marketing, B2B, Human Resources and Social Selling. He is an invited teacher in several Portuguese universities and startup advisor.



Mara Caeiro
Mara Caeiro has a degree in Social Services, from Instituto Superior de Serviço Social, Beja. She is a specialist in Recruitment, Training and Human Resources Solutions for the aeronautic, aerospace and engineering market. Mara is an Executive Manager at Quasar Human Capital, a human resources consulting company.



Cheeky Scientist
The Cheeky Scientist Association is the world’s largest PhD-only job search training platform specifically for helping PhDs transition into industry careers. It’s also the world’s largest PhD-only job referral network. More information at: https://cheekyscientist.com/



Pedro Salgueiro
Pedro Salgueiro is an International Medical Affairs Manager at Roche Diagnostics with international experience between academia and pharmaceutical industry, spread across six different countries. He has a passion for healthcare innovation and communication of science. Early in his career as a researcher, Pedro has successfully developed new therapeutic antibodies and animal models to treat cancer. Nowadays, within his medical affairs role, he develops and leads the implementation of medical plans, identifies and evaluates clinical research opportunities and organizes scientific exchange meetings. His career has been shaped by his ability to take opportunities, change contexts and adapt to new circumstances, which provides him with the experience and perspective needed as a Manager to mentor and coach team members on the development of their own professional careers. Pedro is a Biochemist from the Faculty of Sciences, University of Porto (FCUP) with an Oncology PhD degree from the University of Glasgow in Scotland. He also holds post-graduations in 'Commercial and Sales Management', 'Branding & Brands Management' and 'Negotiation' from Católica Lisbon School of Business & Economics.



The registration fee includes coffee break, workshop material and a certificate of attendance.


Registrations are limited to i3S and UP members:

- Part I - Networking for PhDs – 120 participants
- Part II - Understanding the private sector– 40 participants




- Part I - Networking for PhDs (9 October, 2018) | 14€
- Part II - Understanding the private sector (31 October, 2018) | 12€


Registrations for Part I and Part II - session on 31 October - are now closed.

If you wish to register in Part II - session on 30 October - please fill in the form below. 

Registration deadline: 23 October 2018

Payment will be requested after the registration confirmation. The course organizers reserve the right to cancel the session if the participants' minimum is not guaranteed.

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