Upcoming Events
12 July - 12 December 2018
Informal conversations with inspiring STEM (science, technology, engineering, maths) professionals. An opportunity to know the story behind their career successes, with a focus on the experiences, struggles, career decisions and achievements.
09 - 31 October 2018
Workshop on personal and professional development for researchers (PhDs) in the Biosciences field. This 2-day event will focus on the main career planning processes when an academia-industry transition is desired.
22 November 2018
With this year’s edition of the Annual Symposium, the students of the MCBiology Ph.D. Programme plan to join leading experts and students from completely different areas of research in life sciences in a one-day event where the star is the cell.
29 - 30 November 2018
The i3S annual meeting will celebrate INTERFACES, highlighting ongoing and new projects that arise upon the interaction of the different integrative programs, Cancer, Host Interaction and Response and Neurobiology and Neurologic Disorders.
24 - 25 January 2019
The VIII Portuguese Meeting: ptRNA2019 will bring together at the i3S, Porto, national and international scientists interested on RNA.
21 - 22 March 2019
The workshop will join leading experts to discuss the current knowledge on the mechanisms underpinning self-assembly of disease-related proteins and present strategies to modulate toxic protein aggregation.