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P.CCC Raquel Seruca organizes monthly meetings on tumor immunology

Within the scope of the Porto Comprehensive Cancer Center (P.CCC) Raquel Seruca the first edition of the “P.CCC Immuno-Oncology Club” will take place on January 25th. This is a joint initiative of the two institutions that make up the P.CCC, i3S and IPO-Porto, whose main objective is to bring together researchers and clinicians working in tumor immunology, anticipating the sharing of knowledge and experiences, and to encourage new collaborations.
These meetings will take place once a month (on the third Wednesday of each month), at 5pm, and will take place alternately at i3S and at IPO-Porto. The first session will be at the i3S. The central objective is to promote the participation of doctoral students, post-docs, senior researchers and physicians from both institutions, in order to share their knowledge and experiences in the field of cancer immunology.
“We want to get together once a month to discuss new scientific ideas/strategies/approaches in the field of tumor immunology as well as technical/experimental problems that can be discussed and shared informally”, explains Salomé Pinho, who is a member of the organizing committee of these meetings.
The P.CCC Immuno-Oncology Club also aims to be a “forum where new scientific articles published in high-impact journals on the subject of tumor immunology are presented in a ‘journal club’ format”, adds Delfim Duarte, researcher at i3S and oncologist of the IPO-Porto. These monthly meetings can also become “Invited Scientists/Physicians Seminars”, whenever the opportunity arises and it is pertinent to invite an international speaker from the field of tumor immunology.
“The fact that we get together once a month”, continue Maria José Oliveira and Nuno Rodrigues dos Santos, “will also make it possible to fulfill one of the main strategic objectives of P.CCC Raquel Seruca: to encourage the creation of new collaborations between researchers and i3S clinicians and IPO-Porto and create conditions so that they can work as a team and submit joint applications for competitive national and international financing”.