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New exhibit at i3S: "microMacroMundo"

i3S and OSMOPE - Organização Social Movimento Pontes Educativas are the organizers of the microMacroMundo exhibition, which is opening on May 21 at 6 pm, in the institute's main entrance.

The microMacroMundo project was developed from a partnership between OSMOPE and i3S, exploring the school's relationship with scientific research, involving professionals from various fields - scientific, artistic and pedagogical - and working directly with around 200 children aged 3 to 10.

Its immediate premise was to move the laboratory experiments inherent to the scientific context, an environment that is, by definition, isolated and somewhat watertight from the everyday world, to the school environment.

Through transdisciplinary and co-creative workshops led by scientists and illustrators, children explored and immersed themselves in the proposed concepts. Because scientists' object of study is often only visible through microscopes, children were guided to think about the invisible, the abstract, but with strong and concrete implications in their lives. The perception of the implication of the micro in the macro, of how the individual can condition and build the whole, was the motto for the development of the project and the discoveries that arose from it.

The exhibit will be on display at i3S from May 21 to June 12, Monday through Sunday, between 10 am and 7 pm.

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