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i3S Researcher on Editorial Board of Biomaterials

Researcher Ana Paula Pêgo was recently invited to join the Editorial Board of the journal Biomaterials (with an Impact factor of 8.402), and since the beginning of December she has been the second European to join the current team.


"Being invited to be part of the Editorial Board of Biomaterials is an acknowledgment of my work in this area. In addition, it allows me to know more about the most innovative work in the field of Biomaterials. We are the only two Europeans on the Editorial Board, so it’s also important to represent a (European) society that for many years has been very active in this area and unites research and the clinic", says Ana Paula Pêgo.


The researcher adds that "Portugal has a tradition of being recognized at the international level in this area. It will be a challenge and an honor!".


Leader of the research group NanoBiomaterials for Targeted Therapies, Ana Paula Pêgo is also an elected member of the European Society of Biomaterials (ESB).