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i3S nominated to RegioStars Awards 2018

i3S, along with Kastelo – Continuous and Palliative Care Unit for Children, is a finalist in the RegioStars Awards 2018.

Established in 2008, these awards are sometimes referred to as the European Oscars and were devised with the intention of distinguishing the most promising and inspirational projects – partially or entirely funded by the EU – towards regional development.

After being granted the Regional Banner status by CCDR-N earlier this year for its excellence in the fields of Science, Innovation and Technology, i3S is now one of the contenders in the application submitted by CCDR-N. The institution introduced i3S by highlighting the research teams’ exceptional character, which keep raking in coveted awards and competitive funding while working in key health-related areas: cancer, host interaction and response, and neurobiology and neurologic disorders. The European Week of Regions and Cities is the chosen timeframe to announce the winner. We will thus find out on October 9th whether i3S is the grand winner of RegioStars 2018.

More information available at www.ccdr-n.pt