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i3S hosts "Solitude Fictions" exhibit

Solitude Fictions, by Paulo Bernardino Bastos, explores the intersection of technology with the visual arts, responding to the environment, the landscape, investigating the coexistence of nature with the synthetic and the man-made; questioning the concepts of nature and culture, seeking respect for all organisms and genres, exploring hybridization of languages and synthetic and natural materials.


Solitude Fictions explores balances and paradoxes such as the concern to create new forms of life while neglecting existing ones. The age of the Anthropocene, with environmental, public health, toxicity, and massive resource exploitation difficulties, implies a reflection on the evolution and permanence of the species. The choice of trying to contribute to this preservation as well as our humanity is more pressing than ever. This demand for attention to look at, to beauty, to the symbiotic fragility of life systems, to create fictional situations where the individual is alone and performing for itself in a loop of playful and serious situations are the subject and mission of Solitude Fictions.

The project is the third cycle in the development of a series of sculptures about a female character (bonobo) in situations of near isolation, which brings us back to a reflection about the body, to evolution and presence, the need for social interaction for mental health, in a universe of complex and intelligent systems that seem increasingly far from their origins.

This exhibit is organized in the scope of the project Hybrid Lab Network.