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i3S project wins Pfizer Award

Céu Figueiredo and her team literally made the covers back in March when they published a paper in the journal Gut on gastric cancer microbiome. This publication made a splash because, aside from featuring the research developed by the team working within the group Epithelial Interactions in Cancer, the cover depicted downtown Porto.


An achievement on its own, this paper also paved the way for an even bigger reward: the announcement of Céu Figueiredo, team leader, as one of the recipients of this year’s Pfizer Awards.


The research work now distinguished by the Pfizer Awards, in the field of Clinical Research, evidences the existence of different types of stomach bacteria, which change as the gastric cancer progresses. Totally national, the team demonstrated how gastric cancer patients present gut microbiome completely distinct from patients suffering from chronic gastritis. Céu Figueiredo and her team are granted a stipend of 20 thousand euros, a very important help in their pursuit of the development of novel prevention strategies of stomach cancer.