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Bruno Sarmento elected Secretary of the Controlled Release Society

Researcher Bruno Sarmento, leader of the research group «Nanomedicines & Translational Drug Delivery», was recently elected Secretary of the Board of Directors of the largest international scientific society in the area of controlled drug release systems - the Controlled Release Society.

After having been president of the Nanomedicine and Nanoscale Drug Delivery Focus Group, vice-president of the Iberian Chapter, and elected Director at Large of the same society in 2021, he has now been promoted to the position of Secretary, which is a position in the executive committee of the society.

For Bruno Sarmento, occupying the position of Secretary of this scientific society is “an opportunity to contribute to strengthening the area of controlled drug release in the international panorama of biomedical and pharmaceutical research”. This election, he adds, “represents recognition of the journey made by the Controlled Release Society and the impact of its promotion, dissemination and dissemination activities on the Society and its members. It also means recognition of your research group and the institutions to which it is affiliated”.

About the Controlled Release Society

CRS is an international scientific society that brings together academic, industry, and regulatory experts dedicated to the science of drug formulation and administration, including pharmacists, engineers, doctors, and technical professionals. Based in the United States, the society has more than three thousand members worldwide and is organized into seven Focus Groups and 19 Local Groups in different geographic areas.

About Bruno Sarmento

Graduate in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Porto (FFUP) in 2002, Bruno Sarmento completed his PhD in Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology at the University of Porto in 2007, in collaboration with Queen’s University (Canada), the University of Copenhagen (Denmark), and the University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain). From 2007 to 2012 he held a postdoctoral position at FFUP, in collaboration with the University of Copenhagen, and since 2008 has been Guest Associate Professor at the University Institute of Health Sciences (IUCS).

Co-founder of Inovapotek, a spin-off from the University of Porto, in 2008, Bruno Sarmento joined INEB (currently integrated into i3S) in 2012, as an associate researcher. He is currently leader of the Nanomedicines and Translational Drug Delivery research group and member of the board of i3S.

Bruno Sarmento is also editor of the “European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences” and member of the Editorial Advisory Board of several leading international journals. His research focuses on the development of functionalized nanomedicines and their application at pharmaceutical and biomedical levels, particularly in the areas of diabetes, cancer and infectious diseases. He also specializes in three-dimensional tissue engineering models for in vitro/in vivo validation and correlation of nanomedicines.

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