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MCBiology PhD Program applications

The Doctoral Program in Molecular and Cell Biology (MCBiology) from Universidade do Porto opens its 7th edition this year.

The MCbiology PhD program provides advanced training in the Life Sciences with a focus on Molecular and Cell Biology. The program has been specifically designed for highly-motivated students and is oriented to be the starting point for a career in academic or industrial research.

The MCbiology PhD program specifically targets the development of creativity, scientific independence and rigorous research skills. Each student has the opportunity to define its own path through the program by choosing its research topic and specific short courses. The students also participate in a core of advanced courses, which provide the necessary knowledge to face the many challenges of advanced Molecular and Cell Biology.


Please consider the following deadlines for applications.

The start date for application submittal: 2019-09-02
Deadline for application submittal: 2019-09-20
Deadline for disclosure of approved applications: 2019-10-21


Please contact mcbiology@i3s.up.pt, hcmartins@icbas.up.pt for more information, or go to https://sigarra.up.pt/icbas/