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Clinical services still operating

Amid concerns that CGPP – the Center for Predictive and Preventive Genetics and Ipatimup Diagnósticos may have closed due to the temporary shutdown of i3S, we would like to clarify that both are still running and receiving samples for diagnosis, as well as open for medical appointments.

The main commitment lies with the patient and in offering the best possible service to doctors and hospitals and, as such, our clinical services implemented a Contingency Plan, thus enabling the lab facilities to remain open and to keep performing genetic testing as usual. People and entities in need of our services may still send us samples for testing and contact us for clinical and technical support.

Priorities remain the same: ongoing pregnancies and DNPs will be given right of way.

Deadlines could be extended due to constraints that this extraordinary situation entails, but they will do their best to minimize disruptions.

For inquiries, please reach us through the following contacts:

Phone: 226074942
General email: Secretariado clínico - contacto.cgpp@imbc.up.pt
Clinical support: João Parente Freixo – joao.freixo@ibmc.up.pt
Technical and scientific support: Jorge Oliveira – jmoliveira@ibmc.up.pt

Ipatimup Diagnósticos
General email:servicos@ipatimup.pt