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Chiara Perrod
Junior Researcher
Chiara Perrod graduated at the University of Bologna in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology in 2006. During her master thesis, she studied the transcriptional regulation of ABC transporter genes by the oncogene N-myc in neuroblastoma cell lines. in 2006 she moved to Max Delbrueck Centre in Berlin to obtain her PhD in Molecular Biology released from Humboldt University. She studied the function of PU.1 transcription factor in the haematopoietic system, focusing on the molecular mechanisms of its dynamic and lineage-specific transcriptional regulation. Meanwhile, she investigated the 3D chromatin structure of the same gene in haematopoiesis and leukaemia. This work, summarised in her PhD thesis, showed the importance of the epigenetic layer of chromatin organisation in gene regulation of a tumour suppressor. In 2015, Chiara obtained a postdoctoral ERC fellowship to continue her research career in Immunology. In 2019, Chiara obtained a postdoctoral ERC fellowship in the Vertebrate and Regeneration Group led by José Bessa, going back to her initial interest: gene regulation defining cell fate differentiation in a tissue specific epigenetic context.