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Gabriela Munhoz Morello
Gabriela Morello is a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Laboratory Animal Science, collaborating with the investigation of perinatal mortality in laboratory mice. Gabriela has focused her studies in animal welfare, animal behavior and environmental controls for the past 11 years through her undergraduate, graduate and professional experiences. During her undergraduate studies at the Agricultural Engineering Department at UNICAMP, SP, Brazil, she had the opportunity of doing research in broiler chicken and turkey welfare for three years. Following her graduation, she worked for one year as an Extension Research Assistant at the Research and Education Center of University of Kentucky, KY, U.S.A, where she helped chicken producers to reduce their energy bills. Gabriela then pursued a Master's degree from the Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering Department at the University of Kentucky, where she developed a procedure for using the Fan Assessment Numeration System (FANS) for testing in-situ fans in animal housing. With her B.S. and M.S. degrees focusing on animal welfare and environmental controls, Gabriela was brought to her full Ph.D. program in 2011, at the Purdue Animal Sciences Department and at the Livestock and Behavior Unit at the USDA-ARS, IN, U.S.A, where she studied swine behaviour and environmental controls. Her study focused on using Data Mining to investigate environmental patterns leading to piglet crushing by the sows. Following her graduation, Gabriela was awarded the 2016 Endeavour Research Fellowship to work as a Research Fellow at the University of Melbourne, AU, where she gained some experience with swine pen farrowing systems. In her current job, she is using her experience with engineering, environmental controls, animal behaviour and welfare in epidemiological and behavioural studies to assess he main causes of perinatal mortality in laboratory mice, to further help developing practical strategies to reduce pup mortality.