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Ângela Fernandes
Junior Researcher

Ângela Fernandes is graduated in Applied Biology (2010; University of Minho) and has a Master in Health Sciences (2012; University of Minho). In 2013, she was selected to the Interuniversity PhD Program in Aging & Chronic Diseases at ICVS – University of Minho, working on a project focused on the function of several metabolic pathways on acute myeloid leukemia and its relevance in the cell cycle and autophagy regulation. In 2017, Ângela Fernandes moved to i3S-University of Porto, being hired as a PostDoc at Pinho's lab (Immunology, Cancer & Glycomedicine group). Since then, her research activity is focused on the role of glycans in colorectal cancer (CRC) immunoediting, an ambitious project developed in collaboration with Leiden University Medical Center-NL. This allowed her internationalization as a visiting researcher at Noel Miranda´s lab in 2018. She is author of several publications in international peer-reviewed journals, including Cancer Immunology Research, Oncotarget, Cancers, Frontiers in Immunology and Glycobiology. She is also first author of a book chapter in Comprehensive Glycoscience-2nd Edition (Elsevier). Ângela Fernandes is currently Co-PI of two funded project by Portuguese Cancer Foundation-LPCC (2021) on the T cells glycosylation role in CRC which allowed her to launch her team, supervising young fellows, mentoring a PhD student and co-supervising 1 FCT-funded PhD fellow and 5 MSc students (3 ongoing).