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Cecília Cristelo
PhD Student

Cecília Cristelo, born in Guimarães (Portugal) in 1993, graduated in Applied Biology, in 2015, at the University of Minho, Braga, Portugal. In 2018 she concluded her Master degree in Molecular Genetics also at the University of Minho. During her dissertation, entitled “Exploring the molecular mechanisms involved in macrophage’s response to the antimicrobial peptide LLKKK18” she acquired skills in the production and characterization of self-assembling nanogels for the loading of a cathelicidin-derived peptide and in the study the effects of the formulation on macrophage’s response to inflammatory stimuli.

After her thesis, Cecília worked under a Research Fellowship (6 months) at the Centre of Biological Engineering, Braga, in an FCT project - SkinChip - using bacterial cellulose for the manufacturing microfluidic devices for organotypic cell culture. In this Project Cecília diversified her fields of work, by using bacterial cellulose and performing surface hydrophobization and characterization of the obtained material. 

Due to her interest, since early childwood, in the biomedical sciences and in the treatment of disease she then applied to a Scholarship from FCT, which was accepted and Cecília has now started her PhD at the ICBAS, University Porto, under the supervision of Professor Bruno Sarmento and co-supervision by Professor Miguel Gama. This project aims to develop nanomedicines containing a cathelicidin-derived peptide for the targeted delivery to the pancreas and for the treatment of type-1 diabetes.