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Letícia Mesquita
PhD Student

Letícia Mesquita holds a BSc in Microbiology (2012) from Universidade Católica Portuguesa (UCP) - Porto and a MSc in Oncology (2014) from Instituto de Ciências Biomédicas Abel Salazar (Universidade do Porto). During her BSc, she started her research experience in the group of “Automation and Miniaturization” at UCP - Porto. During her MSc, she worked with Epstein-Barr virus and several molecular biology techniques at Instituto Português de Oncologia - Porto. From 2015 to 2019, she held a research grant at UCP - Porto, in the department of Prof. António Rangel. Currently, she is doing a PhD at i3S and QUB (Queen's University Belfast), under the supervision of Dr. José das Neves and co-supervision of Prof. Bruno Sarmento and Prof. Karl Malcolm. Her current interests include Candida spp. antimicrobial peptides, antifungal drugs, microbiology, nanomedicine, and vaginal drug-delivery.