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Ana Rita Araujo
Junior Researcher

I currently hold a CEEC position from the 2nd edition and I am developing its project at the Ageing and Aneuploidy lab at i3S, Porto (PT). Science is my passion and my long-standing interest has been in cell biology and how different cell types, with distinct functions, use the same molecular machinery to drive different cell cycle dynamics.  In 2014 I was awarded an individual 4-year PhD Fellowship from FCT (GABBA 17th edition) to peruse my PhD studies in Quantitative and Cell Biology Lab at the MRC-LMS, Imperial College London, UK under the supervision of Dr. Silvia Santos. My PhD highlighted the power of combining quantitative measurements in single-cells with mathematical modelling to understand temporal control in cell division and disclosed two new principles of feedback regulation: 1) it keeps duration of mitosis short, constant, and independent of variability in upstream cell-cycle events, in all different cell types tested (human embryonic stem cells (hESC), cancer cells and somatic cells) (MolCell 2016) and 2) modulation of the Cdk1:APC-Cdh1 feedback loop strength can tune the periodicity of cell-division cycles (Araujo et al 2022, in preparation). Currently, I am interested in combine experimental and computational work to explore a project involving deregulation of cell cycle components during aging in order to understand the molecular core signature of aging and explore how cell cycle dynamics changes as a cell age.