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Rita Alves Santos
Junior Researcher

I completed my BsC in Marine Biology and Biotechnology and MsC in Aquaculture in the Institute Polytechnic of Leiria (Portugal; 2007-2013). Then, I moved abroad to the University of Hull (UK) to pursue a PhD in Physical Geography (2014-2019; Thesis: Characterising the drivers of tropical freshwater fish dynamics and abundance in the Mekong river, under environmental change). During my academic studies I acquired transdiciplinary expertise in diverse subjects: fish ecology, marine and freshwater environment, aquaculture, molecular ecology, river hydrologic dynamics, sediment transport, riparian habitats ecological processes, remote sensing, earth observation and numerical modelling under anthropogenic stressors (dam development, irrigation expansion and climate change). I participated in a number of science outreach events to engage students and general public on the aims of my project and the different projects ocurring in the Department. I also have deep interest in research integrity and ethics in science, and the needs to establish effective programmes in academia to teach students under responsible research directives.

I'm now a Junior Researcher working on the H2020 INTEGRITY Project - Empowering students in responsible research through developing and testing innovative teaching tools (http://h2020integrity.eu).