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Mário Soares
Post-doctoral Fellow

Since the start of my PhD I have been mostly interested in understanding how do neural stem cells maintain their transcriptional identity while undergoing cell division. This is particularly challenging, given that vast cellular changes that occur during mitosis drastically impact gene regulation, resulting in a global arrest of transcription. It is now becoming clear that reactivation of gene expression upon mitotic exit is a highly coordinated process that occurs in temporal hierarchical waves. I am particularly interested in the role played by transcription factors in the temporal coordination of this process, and how this ultimately impacts cell fate. In my work I combine live-cell imaging analysis applied to genetically engineered NS cells, genomics and other gene expression techniques.

Selected Publications

Soares M.A.F., Soares D.S., Teixeira V., Heskol A., Bressan R.B., Pollard S.M., Oliveira R.A., Castro D.S.,
Hierarchical reactivation of transcription during mitosis-to-G1 transition by Brn2 and Ascl1 in neural stem cells. Genes and Development35(13):1020-1034, 2021. [Journal: Article] [CI: 4] [IF: 12,9]
DOI: 10.1101/GAD.348174.120 SCOPUS: 85110322843.

Soares M.A.F., Castro D.S.,
Chromatin immunoprecipitation from mouse embryonic tissue or adherent cells in culture, followed by next-generation sequencing. Methods in Molecular Biology1689:53-63, 2018. [Book Series: Book Chapter] [CI: 2]
DOI: 10.1007/978-1-4939-7380-4_5 SCOPUS: 85031682134.