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Abeer Heskol
PhD Student

I am Syrian, graduated from homeland with BSc in Biotechnology. I have done my MSc studies in Molecular Medicine from Uppsala University (2016) and followed with couple internships in Karolinska institute working basically on single cell genomic approachs optimization. I was enrolled as a PhD student at the Gulbenkian PhD Program in Integrative Biology and Biomedicine (2017). My current main interest is on Notch signalling in neurogenesis, where this pathway plays a major role regulating the rate of differentiation of neural stem/progenitor cells.  However, surprisingly little is still known on the regulatory rules underlying the Notch transcriptional response. My thesis aims at understanding the cis-regulation of the pathway during neurogenesis, by applying a genomics approach to identify Notch-responsive regulatory regions, and associated target genes.  My work combines experiments in the embryonic brain and neural stem cell models, and requires a heavy load of bioinformatics. I am fan of regulation insights like those of Barbara McClintock and the fascinating neural drawings of S.R. Cajal.