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Pablo Cabezas Sainz
Post-Doc Researcher

Pablo Cabezas Sáinz (Lugo, 1990) graduated in Biology from the University of Santiago de Compostela on 2013 and started his PhD in Molecular Medicine in 2014. He obtained a two years fellowship from Fundación Ramón Domínguez (IDIS) for his PhD being replaced in 2016 for a three years fellowship from Xunta de Galicia to finish his PhD. In between he combined the short research stay grant from Xunta de Galicia associated to the PhD Grant with a private grant from Fundación Pedro Barrié de la Maza to stay in Leiden (Netherlands) for six months during the PhD, gaining skills related to the xenotransplantation technnique, under the supervision of Prof. Ewa B. Snaar-Jagalska.

He finished his PhD in Molecular Medicine in 2019 obtaining the maximum qualification 'Cum Laude' for the defense of his thesis entitled 'HCT116 colorectal and MCF7 breast cancer cell lines xenografted into zebrafish embryos gives insight into the importance of microenvironment in tumor growth and metastasis for a future use of the model in clinical research' under the supervision of Prof. Laura Sánchez, Dra. Laura Muinelo and Dr. Rafael López.

After the PhD defense, he obtained a Postdoctoral Grant from Xunta de Galicia, allowing him to work as a PostDoc in Porto for 2 years. Because of that, nowadays he is working on his PostDoc project entitled 'HNF4α and HNF1α biological implications in Type II Diabetes and Pancreatic Cancer' at the i3S institute (Instituto de Investigação e Inovação da Universidade do Porto) integrated in the Vertebrate Development and Regeneration group, leaded by Dr. Jose Bessa. After that, he will be able to return to Universidad de Santiago de Compostela and continue the work on that project for one year.